Magic Link

Magic Link is an exciting Match-3 puzzle game full of twists and new features.

Link 3 or more magic balls in same type and/or color by swiping your finger, and watch the magic big Eye drop! This brand-new match-3 game is an amazing casual game, completely free!! Objectives differ in over 100 well-designed levels. Connect 3 or more magic icons of the same type, create a magnificent color blast! It starts out simple, but becomes more and more interesting and challenging. This witch puzzle match-3 game brews magic potions & charms in an adventure of sorcery and witchcraft with amazing graphics that come with a Witched-style twist. Link charming items to match 3 or more and create waves of spine-tingling excitement.

When you connect 3 and more magic balls of the same type, enhanced balls such as Magic Fire and Magic Explosion will be unveiled. Combine them to create massive magical explosions to bring the big magic Eye down to the goal line and clear the level! Help the cute little witch who is learning to cast spells advance through her magical world by solving the puzzles presented by the powerful Wizard! Are you ready to switch to your witch avatar? Put on your witch hat now!

☆ Play fun puzzle games with your social media friends! Join the new matching game all your friends are playing!
☆ Beautiful animation & cute graphics, travel through the colorful, magical lands to relax with exciting game-play and amazing level design.
☆ Play the best match-3 game for Free, and watch hours fly by!

+++ Features of Witch Splash +++
✔ New match-3 puzzle game with splendid graphics with leaderboards and accomplishments.
✔ Completely free to play and in-app purchases to get extra powers and moves.
✔ 100+ well-designed levels – each one is unique and full of fun and amazing challenges – and more to come!
✔ Fantastic unmatched graphics that you have never seen before.
✔ Eye-catching animations which will bring you into the adventurous world.
✔ Extra boosters, well-designed power-ups and limitless ways to play!
✔ Maneuver and burst the matching items to move to the next level.
✔ Compete with your Facebook friends and show your performance on the level leaderboard and your progress on the level map.
✔ Share your level scores and adventure journey with your friends.

*** Important Tips ***
If you run out of moves, just click the button which says ‘Watch Video’ on the fail screen, then you will get another 5 moves to try pass the level. There is no limit of viewing videos and getting bonuses. Also, by watching a short video message from the Coin Store menu, you can get free coins to buy boosters. Try these things and you’ll get pass those most difficult levels with satisfaction.

Download the latest version now and begin your fun-filled journey through the world of Magic Link. And It’s all FREE!

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